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Year-Round Enrollment! For All Children, Ages 2.5 through 5!

Hands-On Science


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Our science program is a hands-on, developmentally appropriate, and a FUN introduction to scientific ideas and methods.

Children are encouraged to participate by making predictions before conducting a weekly experiment or activity, then discussing the results. Science is a process of discovery and children will learn by doing!

Topics we will explore include matter and its different states, chemical reactions, nature, colors, static electricity, magnets, weather, plants, engineering and much more!

Our program promotes logical thinking, problem solving and working cooperatively while focusing on making learning fun!

For Ages 4 - 5 years old

Wednesdays at 11:30-2:00pm |  $88 per month, includes Lunch Bunch

What a wonderful time your child will have eating their way through the alphabet each week. Your children will have fun mixing, pouring and creating healthy recipes and snacks.

Prepare meals and snacks using hands-on, age appropriate recipes.
Get a more thorough understanding of basic nutrition.
Use language and math literacy skills pertaining to cooking.
Follow directions to achieve the desired result (edible food!).
Develop life long love of cooking.

For  Ages, 2.5 - 5 years old

Mondays at 11:30-2:00pm |  $88 per month, includes Lunch Bunch

Your child does NOT need to be currently enrolled at Happy Face in order to participate in our incredibly fun and educational enrichment programs! Our enrichment programs begin at 12:30 and last until 2pm, and are available to all children!

For even more fun, stay late until 3pm for an extra hour of fun and learning with our Stay & Play program!

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